Beth graduated from the training school in 1994, she had been working in the local kindergarten since 1990 and got her kindergarten teacher’s certificate while she was working. She was married in 2001 and had her child in 2002. Beth had to leave her job when her mother-in-law became sick. Beth says, “I have a nice family with five people. I have a good relationship with my parents-in-law, a husband who loves me and cares about me a lot, and a daughter who is very nice. I taught myself how to be a childcare worker and I was able to get the child-care worker certificate. I had been working with children who were physically and mentally healthy, loved by their families and teachers and friend, got to enjoy sunshine and grass and fresh air and were living very happy lives. When I saw the children in New Day Foster Home, young children who all have special needs, I realized that they needed more help and care from families and our society. So I came to New Day in August 2012. Being a nanny here is my pleasure. I want the kids to feel loved through me. I want them to know that they are not lonely and that they are loved and cared for by many people.”

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Emerson joined our project November 3, 2014. We are enjoying tapping into his potential, and watching him learn new things! Emerson likes to play with trains, listen to music, and play with others. He’s learning how to crawl and sit on his own, and watching him grow and thrive is a joy to all of his caregivers. ... See MoreSee Less

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